Come and meet the Sami, the indigenous people of the North. The Samiland exhibition explores the Sami people’s thousands of years of history, culture and mythology. Visit the indoor exhibition to find out about the differences between the Skolt Sami and the Mountain Sami as well as about the traditional occupations and ancient mythical characters of the Sami people. The outdoor exhibition will teach you more about traditional Sami buildings and reindeer herding.

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Samiland is part of the UNESCO Observatory Cultural Village programme. Together with local communities, UNESCO Observatory has launched art-based multidisciplinary projects in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. UNESCO Observatory’s vision is to increase arts education in the educational programmes of the cultural villages. UNESCO Observatory’s cultural village model was developed as part of this project. It provides an excellent example of the critical importance of arts education and creative activities for sustainable development, communality, flexibility and local manifestations of cultures. The partners participating in the project represent several fields, such as architecture, sociology, economics and business life.